Happy Customers

“We have had truly terrible things happen with other house/pet sitters, so we are hypersensitive on this issue. Amber is one of two housesitters I feel 100% confident about leaving with my critters, and that’s saying something.
She is organized, committed, responsible, friendly, flexible, communicative – and best of all, my dogs adore her.
As much as I would love to keep her secret so she’s always available for us (LOL!), knowing how we pet owners sweat these kinds of details, I can’t in good conscience keep from sharing. Her services don’t come cheap, but she’s definitely worth it.” -Melinda T

“Amber is absolutely awesome. We met her last weekend when we had a pet sitter bail on us at the last minute. She not only found a way to work us into her busy schedule, but she was amazing every step of the way. She stopped by our house to meet our two kitties and was more organized than I knew was possible…making sure she knew everything she needed to know…including detailed emergency plans and other “what if” scenarios. While we were gone, she not only took care of my kitties, but kept us up to date with text and pictures, and truly went above and beyond by coaxing my shy girl out and turning her into a trusted friend. I’m a convert. Amber’s our pet sitter from now on. I didn’t know how good it could be until I met her.” -Christy H

“Amber was phenomenal with my furry kid, Rocky! OK so he’s a dog, but Amber gets that your pets are like your children, you care about them, love them and worry about them when you have to be separated. Amber can’t replace mommy or daddy for the sort time you’re away, but she’s going to be the fun aunt that your dog will want to visit again and again!” -Mick C